Submission Guidelines

Our submission guidelines are designed to confirm a minimum standard of quality for all items listed on ReadyTheme. Following guidelines can help you to minimize the chances of your item being rejected.


  1. Your item must be Bootstrap 3 or newer based
  2. Group assets; CSS, JS Images, in a logical manner as per Bootstrap’s recommendations
  3. Bootstrap styles and scripts should not be renamed. Keep both the original and minified Bootstrap assets.
  4. Separate custom styles and scripts from the original Bootstrap assets. If you include the minified versions of custom styles and scripts please include the unminified versions.
  5. The default page must be named index.html for static html themes.
  6. Items must be compliant with Bootstrap’s infrastructure, CSS settings, fundamental HTML elements, and use the standard grid system.
  7. All HTML files must be valid HTML5, validate your HTML files with W3C Markup Validation Service
  8. Your item must be completely free of JavaScript, CSS errors
  9. You’re not allowed to encrypt Markup, style and scripts
  10. All used assets including example images and photo, icons, fonts, textures or patterns, sounds, PSD artwork, must be properly licensed or you have fully permission for commercial use. Please include attribution links in your item description and item package.
  11. Items must be compatible with all major browsers including: Latest FireFox, Chrome, IE9+, Safari and Opera
  12. Please include documentation or help file within your file package
  13. No spelling or grammatical errors in item content, documentation, and item description
  14.  No external link to other marketplaces in your preview, item or documentation
  15. Item banner size should not exceed 850X660px. Best if you take your item screenshot


If you need more information regarding your item submission, Don’t hesitate to ask your submission query.

Thank you.